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Would you like a consultation with Dr Jamie?

Dr Jamie is available for consultations to discuss the following:

1. A specific dental problem
2. A specific dental treatment
3. Cosmetic dental options
4. Facial rejuvenation options
5. The best home care products for your skin
6. A second opinion from another dentist

You will find him very easy to talk too and he’ll able to answer any questions you may have.

He will pack the time with valuable knowledge, during an open discussion regarding the different options available to you: the positives and negatives of potential treatments, and his thoughts in reference to your specific situation.

Dr Jamie will ensure you leave thoroughly informed, and at this point, he’s there simply to provide advice.

There will be no pressure to go ahead with any form of treatment – that will be totally your decision.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to have treatment then this can be arranged later.

Should you have a simple dental question, feel free to ask Dr Jamie on Face book or via email.
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During the consultation it may be necessary to take photos both inside and outside your mouth, x-rays or a CT scan of the area and perform an examination specific to your request.

There will be a charge if x-rays are required; all other aspects are included in the consultation, or charged health fund only. This means that there’s no additional gap payment.

If you already have scans then please bring them with you or forward them to

If it has been a while since you had a check and clean, you may find it beneficial to simply book in for this and ask Dr Jamie any questions you might have at the start of your appointment.

If necessary you may need to book an additional appointment depending on time but Dr Jamie is able to deal with the vast majority of questions and enquiries then and there, so generally this is not needed.

Why choose Dr Workman to look after you?

Not only is Dr Workman a very good dentist, he has genuine caring nature and always makes sure you feel truly looked after. This is why he has such a loyal following of, families, young professionals right through to our older generation. With over 12 years experience, he is young, passionate, great at what he does and has an excellent aesthetic eye. If you would like a dental professional you can really trust,  who places your health, happiness and comfort as an absolute priority, then you would be hard pushed to look any further. If you have typed ‘dentist near me’ then our state of the art Maroubra dental practice won’t be far away.

Summary Box:

Treatment time30 minutes (short) 60mins (long)
Cost$65- 100

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Alternatively if you would prefer to speak with someone directly or book an appointment, please call our lovely staff at the Maroubra Dental Centre on 02 9133 4005.

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