Time for your Dental Check-up? Dr Jamie explains his approach

Why are dental check ups so important?

There are many reasons why regular dental check ups are important.
Everything needs maintenance whether it’s your home, your car, your health or your teeth.

Let it go for too long and major things are likely to wrong- catch it early and it prevents all sorts of headaches.

The difference with dentistry is changes to your teeth structure are for the most part not reversible, meaning permanent damage and irreversible changes.

Then of course, the treatment required often becomes considerably more expensive: think root canal and a crown ($3500ish), or extraction and an implant ($5500ish), versus a simple filling ($200 ish).

Couple this with the fact that your tooth/ teeth are never going to be as good as those that nature gave you – you need to take a little responsibility here… make sure, if at all possible, it doesn’t get to this point.

Dr Jamie can literally change the course of your dental future… if you see him regularly.

He has helped many patients prevent tooth wear, decay and gum disease with easily understood advice and regular check- ups, thus ensuring you aren’t heading off course.

Your teeth and mouth are so important: you use it to smile, chew, kiss, eat, breath, speak etc.
Literally, there isn’t an area that is more important to your social life – so get in good habits early – have regular check ups and cleans; make your teeth and mouth something you don’t have worry about.

Detection of problems in their early stages… dental caries, gum disease, oral cancer or bruxism (grinding)… makes for much easier treatment, so please be pro-active in your healthcare, otherwise your future is one without your own teeth!

Why choose Dr Workman to look after you?

Not only is Dr Workman a very good dentist, he has genuine caring nature and always makes sure you feel truly looked after. This is why he has such a loyal following of, families, young professionals right through to our older generation. With over 12 years experience, he is young, passionate, great at what he does and has an excellent aesthetic eye. If you would like a dental professional you can really trust,  who places your health, happiness and comfort as an absolute priority, then you would be hard pushed to look any further. If you have typed ‘dentist near me’ then our state of the art Maroubra dental practice won’t be far away.

When did you last have a check-up?

If it was over 6 months… it’s about time.

If it is over one year, then you are overdue.

2 years or more and you really should be on the phone right now, even if you have no apparent pain or problems – putting it off any longer will only come back to bite you- excuse the pun.

What are patients saying about Dr Jamie?

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How often do you need a dental examination?

You should visit the dentist for a check up and clean twice a year [about every 6 months].

Children should definitely been seen every 6 months, as so many changes are taking place including the teeth and the diet – plus they need to establish a trusting relationship with Dr Jamie, just in case treatment is needed. The importance of getting into good habits early simply cannot be over stressed.

For those adults who aren’t smokers, have very good hygiene, low risk of decay, eat very little sugar, relatively low alcohol intake and have few or no past dental problems, then seeing the dentist once a year may suffice.
It’s generally not advisable to leave it much longer than that.

If you suffer from periodontal disease, cleaning every three months should be carried as part of your maintenance program.

Dr Jamie will advise you on your individual circumstances what is best for you and your health.

Thinking of becoming a patient with us?

We’ve put together all the information you need to decide if we are the right dentist for you.

What will Dr Jamie do at a check up?

Dr Jamie has a specific routine he follows with every dental patient and this involves looking at all the soft tissues for signs of any lumps, bumps or ulcers, screening for oral cancer.

He will check your gums, your risk for periodontal disease and check the bone support for your teeth. The way you bite, your joints, and the way you move your teeth across one another will need to be considered.

The teeth themselves will be checked, for signs of cracks, decay and wear, for the current state of fillings, crowns and any other restorations.

As part of the exam, he may need to do special tests such as checking the vitality of the nerves in the teeth or for cracks, take x-rays and photos of both your teeth and face to monitor changes and discuss treatments.

Most of the time he will combine the examination with a clean and fluoride treatment, or he may, if required, attend to a specific problem…of course, in these circumstances you will probably receive a limited exam targeting the specific issue, area or problem.

A full examination where everything is checked will require a further visit.

Dr Jamie has also branched out into facial aesthetics: he may make some comments about the health of your skin and can offer excellent advice on care for not just your teeth and mouth but your skin too- everything from pigmentation, to fine lines and wrinkles – just ask!

What’s the difference between a check up and a ‘new patient’ exam?

New patient exams are longer as additional stages are required.
If it’s the first time you’ve visited the surgery, there is often a lot to discuss.

You will need to fill in a medical and dental history form to make Dr Jamie aware of all your medications and issues that could potentially impact your treatment or your care.

You will have chance to talk about any problems, questions or concerns and Dr Jamie will address all of these, including how you like to be treated and anything he can do to make you more comfortable.

The first time you present he will take a full set of baseline photos and make a chart of everything that is present (or missing) in your mouth.

The length of the discussion regarding the ‘caring’ of your teeth will be comprehensive at your ‘new patient’ exam, then simply re-enforced at your future check ups… making sure that to keep you on track!

For subsequent check ups the process will be much simpler, but Dr Jamie will and ask if there’s been any changes or updates since your last visit.

Summary Box:

Treatment timeCheck up and clean 30mins New Patient comprehensive exam and clean 45 mins
CostFrom $200* plus X rays etc. * less for children

How often do I need x rays?

X-rays are a very important part of the examination: without them Dr Jamie can only see and gauge limited parts of your mouth.

X-rays show decay in between your back teeth, inside your teeth and fillings, together with the amount of bone supporting your teeth

For most people, those who are on the lower risk end of the spectrum, screening x-rays are taken every two years.

Those who have a higher risk require an X ray every year, or even every 6 months.
These more frequent X rays may need to continue until your issues are resolved… at which point the interval can be increased.

Obviously, we don’t want to take any more x-rays than is necessary, hence the recommended guidelines above.

You would not believe how many additional issues we pick up through X rays.

After all, the visual examination is only half the picture.

Left un- noticed decay could advance much closer to the nerve and risk the tooth needing much more work.

If you have a problem with a specific tooth, toothache, a cavity, a loose tooth you will need a detailed x ray of that specific tooth or area, so Dr Jamie can fully diagnose the problem and offer the best treatment for you

Finally, you should know are some treatments require x-rays as part of the t he procedure e.g. placing implants and root canal treatment.

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